Cyberspace and Cyberpunk

I decided for this tutorial to make a timeline of the development of the television. I did a research project on television last semester so I think that it is one of the most important media in the past century.

Here is the link to my timeline: Development of TV It includes times that I believe are some of the most important events in the medium’s development.

In order to create this time line I used my prior knowledge of the subject and this PDF which was very helpful.


I found that the exact definition of Cyberspace is “the notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs.”  So in this way, the Internet contains cyberspace, but cyberspace is not the Internet. Knowing this, it can be said that instead of specific, physical location existing in the world, the event or website, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. exists within the cyberspace, which can be mapped to show the “location” of such things. Cybernetics on the other hand is the study of systems of command. An example of this within my own life would be an app on a phone. There are apps that people can buy that allow someone to control their house. The ADT Security Corporation has put out an app in recent years that allows the user to turn lights on and off, close their garage doors, lock their house, and even lock their house, all from kilometers away. This new innovation is a perfect example of cybernetics because it gives the user a way to command another object from a far off distance, using telecommunicative technology. iTunes could be argued to be a cybernetic system as well. iTunes has control over a large amount of music and the distribution and flow of said music to customers and listeners. It could also be argued that Universities are cybernetic systems as well. The leaders of the University provide areas of learning in which students take part in and professors teach. By controlling what subjects are taught at the University, it can control the outcomes of its student’s learning. I do not believe that cybernetics removes the human element because, as humans, we are often part of our own cybernetic systems and, being individuals, we can also control the outcome of our own systems. A cyberpunk that  I am a fan of is the Halo series, Cortana specifically. Cortana is an AI and though she has a very human personality, faults and all, she is still a computer generated image, only based off of another individual. I would not say that the Hunger Games is a cyberpunk because, though they live in a very high tech world, it is the individualism, the characters themselves that makes the story what it is. Cyberpunks are very focused on how technology affects the world/characters, whereas The Hunger Games focuses on the character’s own personal drives.


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