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Intro: Social media is a new phenomenon in todays society. Where our parents had to pick up chorded phones and turn a dial to contact their friends at home, we can now pick up our mobile phones and get in contact with a friend all the way across the world through Facebook. People can now post pictures online through Instagram, putting filters on it to make it seem “artsy.” And Twitter allows people to tell us little snippets of their lives without using almost any of their precious cellular data. But has this new technology had an adverse side effect on the youth of our age? How has being glued to our phones and laptops effected how we react and interact with each other and the world around us? Based on my research I think that there has been a (I haven’t started any research yet) effect on the young people influenced by the social media available today.


here is my bubbl account to help me organize my references



First body paragraphs:

Facebook: Negative and Positive outlooks on bullying


Second body paragraphs:

Social Media in General: Negative aspects


Third body paragraph:

Social Media in General: positive aspects


Conclusion: sum up research and wrap back into intro.


This weeks lecture was all about copyrighting. I believe that copyrighting is one of the most important human inventions. Copyrighting allows people with great ideas able to sustain their great idea by stopping people, legally, from stealing their ideas. Just as a person is prohibited by law and morality to not steal an object from another person, why would it be different if it is someones creation? Copyrighting allows people to have creative ideas and not have them stolen without, at least, some kind of payment back if they are stolen. Take Facebook for instance. Mark Zuckerberg basically took the idea for a “facebook” off of a fellow student, thouhg he claimed he used none of their code. Now the idea was only in its early development and would not have been copyrighted at such an early stage. But, intellectual information should belong to the owner of the information. If I have a great idea and I share it with my friend and then that friend goes out and does the idea, cutting me out, I would be fuming. That is why I think copyrighting is so important. In a day in time when it is so easy to get information just with a simple download or web search, copyrighting has become less and less useful. Take the music and movie industries for instance. Pirating movies and music illegally is a huge problem in America just as it is in Australia. If I do not want to pay to go see a movie that’s out in theatres I can simply wait a month or two, dig deep down into the internet, or not deep at all depending, and find it pirated online. This is horrible for the creators of that movie because they are not getting any revenue from me or any of the other millions of people that go about doing the same thing.


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