Week 5 Lecture Blog

Since there was no tutorial for week 5 I will be blogging about the lecture for week 5. This lecture was all about social media and the web. The first topic was about web 1.0. This primitive, first version of the Internet was described as shopping carts and statistic pages. Within this version there was not a lot of uploading or feedback, it was merely just information put up by a select few and minimal online shopping. I do not have a lot of memory about this form of the Internet because it was around when I was very young. However, I do remember the webpages being very rigid and not very pretty to look at. We then went on to discuss web 2.0 and the development of social media. Web 2.0 is more geared for the user and the uploader. Web 2.0 allows users to use applications on their computer to assist in their everyday lives. Web 2.0 is almost geared specifically for social media because it allows the user to post feedback to original articles, blog, upload photos and share their wants, needs, and opinions with the world. With the emergence of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram people were now able to share their lives with the world which has become so integrated into our lives that it has become normal for people to post statuses, pictures and other things on a day to day basis. We also delved into what may be to come in web 3.0 and 4.0. Web 3.0 is projected to allow users to have a broader reach with what they can do with their social media, for instance, tweeting something and having it also come up as a Facebook status. While web 4.0 may be able to promise communication back and forth with the OS itself, much like in the movie Her. We may also not need to use our hands for this, projecting that it may be voice executed. Very sci-fi like. At the end of the class we watched The Social Network which was funny because I had watched it just the night before. The most astounding thing I find about the movie is that it tells us that the most social, friend-oriented website on the planet was founded and created by a kid that didn’t want any friends.


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