Finding Reference Material

This blog is all about finding reference material from the library in Griffith University and the Library.

Stephen Stockwell has three books that he has written himself within the library. They are as follows:

Stockwell, S 2005, Political campaign strategy: doing democracy in the 21st century, Australian Scholarly Publishing

Stockwell, S 2010, Rhetoric and Democracy: Deliberative Opportunities in Current Electoral Processes, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller

Stockwell, S 2000, All-media guide to fair and cross-cultural reporting: for journalists, program makers and media students, Australian Key Centre for Cultural and Media Policy


Darke, C 2005, Alphaville: Jean-Luc Godard, 1965, viewed August 15th via Griffith Library Proxy

Brody, R 2008, Everything is cinema: the working life of Jean-LucGodard, Metropolitan Books, found in SOuth Bank Campus

Lesage, L 1979, Jean-Luc Godard: a guide to references and resources, G. K. Hall, Found in Nathan campus


Bryman, A 2012, Social research methods, Oxford University Press


For some reason the databases from Griffith University would not allow me to access them. Not sure why but when I go to log in it said it could not be accessed.


This post is now about my thoughts on our class discussion. While reading the reading, as I mentioned in class, I was concerned about the things they called biochips. These are little chips that will be inserted into the brain, enabling the user to access the Internet. This could be very helpful and ultimately be the way of the future. If we could simply access the Internet with our minds, it would almost eliminate the need for personal computers. I am sure that after a while, software and other kind of hardware will come out enabling us also to use other aspects of personal computers such as microsoft word, excel, powerpoint… just to list a few common ones. Spreadsheets, essays, presentations could all be done while walking to class, or on our way to work, just by using the chips in our brains. Aside from all that, just being able to access the Internet is futuristic enough for me. Simple tasks such as looking up information, googling something, looking at wikipedia to fact check an argument. All these things done simply by thinking. But this is where this technology also starts to concern me. I am graced with a Mac Book Pro and so do not get many viruses, though more and more are coming out recently. My concern is that, if I get this chip in my head and access the Internet and end up on a sketchy cite, what happens to me if I get a virus. Will there be cyber-brain-hackers who can tap into my brain and steal my memories? Access my bank account records and passwords. Get access to my entire life. Or maybe I get locked out of my own brain, become a zombie until someone can clear my head of a virus. Or even kill me using some kind of shut down program virus. Who knows? Anything is really possible with technology.




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