A Blog and Essay: Beginning a Topic

Social media is a new phenomenon in todays society. Where our parents had to pick up chorded phones and turn a dial to contact their friends at home, we can now pick up our mobile phones and get in contact with a friend all the way across the world through Facebook. People can now post pictures online through Instagram, putting filters on it to make it seem “artsy.” And Twitter allows people to tell us little snippets of their lives without using almost any of their precious cellular data. But has this new technology had an adverse side effect on the youth of our age? How has being glued to our phones and laptops effected how we react and interact with each other and the world around us? Based on my research I think that there has been a (I haven’t started any research yet) effect on the young people influenced by the social media available today.


Today in tutorial we learned about writing essays and how the structure of an essay can really help your grade in the long run. This is most definitely true in my eye because if your essay is totally scrambled, the teacher will have no idea what you are trying to say, be very confused, and most definitely mark you down. It is funny though; what we are learning about, the introduction and the body and the conclusion, are all things I learned long ago. But every class I have had here in Australia has had a “pre-essay” instructional tutorial or lecture. I do appreciate them because they allow questions to flow more naturally than they would at the end of a class where the professor says “Okay any questions about the essay?” While everyone is standing up to leave the room. I just think its funny that its so enforced here whereas it is simply implied back at home. Now about the lecture. I really enjoyed this lecture, maybe because I am really into video games. I found it cool that I was learning about the games that I have been playing for years: Gears of War, Skyrim, Halo, Splinter Cell, and many more. Learning about these games really brought me back to playing them and having such a good time with my friends. It got me thinking about where we are technologically and communicatively. The fact that I can sit down, especially now with the next generation of consoles, and plug in my headphones and play in a game with my friends that are hundreds of miles away all while hearing their voices as if they’re right there. It astonishes me. We have really come a long way from the simple pong game of the early 70’s.


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