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My name is Chris Largent. I am an abroad student at Griffith University. I have travelled to Australia from South of Boston, Massachusetts and it has been a journey. I am a Communications major with a concentration in Public Relations. I took New Communications Technologies because i think it is mind boggling that technology has such a strong effect on our every day lives. The fact that our parents never thought we could be walking around with super computers in our pockets, but now thats just how we live is crazy.Right now in my pocket I have a little device that allows me to access 1,000 times more information than what my parents could access with a device the size of an entire room. I think that is mind boggling. Technology has grown so fast in the last 50 years and businesses are booming because of it. Nowadays, technology has become such a big part of our lives that, in business, if you do not have certain technologies, specifically communication technologies, you are definitely going to fall behind. Even the simple use of social media like Facebook, Twitter and the like allow your customers to stay up to date on what new things the business might be doing. I think it is important for people working to get ahead in the game to know how to use these communication technologies. That is why I chose to take this course this semester. With so many advancements in technology it is hard to imagine what might be next big invention or communication breakthrough might be but it is safe to say that science fiction may not be to science fictiony that much longer.