Communicating Using Technology

Being an abroad student I have been looking into contacting my friends and family back in the United States. My primary way of communicating with my friends is through Facebook. Facebook makes it really easy to communicate through their “inbox” system. Using this I can talk to all of my friends at once if I want. I started using Facebook way back in freshman year of high school. It was sort of a writ of passage to be able to make a Facebook account because all of the high school kids used them. A big issue people have with Facebook today is privacy. Personally I do not really care because I do not really put much on my Facebook, I simply use it for communication purposes. What is nice about Facebook is that I can keep in touch with my friends that do not live near me at home. A big thing nowadays is meeting people on the Internet. I don’t know many people that do that however. As I said before, I usually just use it to contact my friends from home.


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